Useware 2002 Paper

Uwe Rauschenbach: FishEye-Views für den mobilen Zugriff auf Prozeßbilder. Proc. UseWare 2002, Darmstadt, 11.-12. Juni 2002.

Translated title

FishEye Views for the Mobile Access to Process Visualizations.

English abstract

When displaying high-resolution process visualizations on mobile computers with limited screen space, only a clipping can be displayed, thus losing the overview over the whole visualization. This paper presents the Rectangular FishEye View as a solution for this problem. The from a user's point of view most important visualization part (the focus) is rendered at high detail, and the surrounding context is downscaled to save display space. Based on the user's interest, the system can adapt the focus position automatically. The properties of the technique allow for the fast implementation even on mobile devices with limited computing power. A realization in the context of a thin client system will be described.

More Information

The full paper is in German and can be downloaded here.