Paper in Computers and Graphics, 1999

Uwe Rauschenbach, Heidrun Schumann: Demand-driven Image Transmission with Levels of Detail and Regions of Interest. Computers and Graphics, Vol. 23, No. 6, pp. 857-866, © 1999, Elsevier Science


In this paper, we introduce a formal model which describes consistently levels of detail and regions of interest for the progressive transmission of raster images. This model serves as the foundation of a wavelet-based image communication framework which supports the progressive, redundancy-free transmission of multiple, possibly overlapping regions of interest in an image. To support demand-driven transmission, we describe a method for interleaving control commands with the embedded bit stream. Since the dyadic wavelet decomposition allows the image resolutions in x and y direction to differ at most by two, we propose a new wavelet decomposition scheme which raises this number to a power of two for increased flexibility. We discuss some applications including the rectangular fish eye view, a focus and context display technique for raster images which efficiently uses this transmission method and saves screen real-estate.

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