ATP2002 Paper

Uwe Rauschenbach: Dynamische Größenanpassung von Prozessvisualisierungen an Mobilrechnerdisplays. atp - Automatisierungstechnische Praxis, 44(12), Oldenbourg Verlag, Dezember 2002. (in German)

Translated title

Dynamic size adaptation of process visualizations to mobile computer displays

English abstract

The efficiency of maintenance and inspection work can be improved by using mobile devices for the wireless on-site access to process visualizations and pulpit data. Since the display resolution of mobile devices is limited compared to stationary visualization workstations, the introduction of mobile access systems may demand a costly adaptation of the process visualizations. This contribution describes a fish eye technique for the dynamic, automatic adaptation at system runtime. The fish eye view renders the most important visualization part (the focus) at high detail, and surrounding context areas are downscaled to save display space. Based on user interactions, the system derives and tracks the focus position automatically. The realization of a prototype in the context of a thin client system will be described.

More Information

The full paper is in German. A German abstract is available here.