Final Year Project

Uwe Rauschenbach: Development of an Interactive Tool for the Selection of Appropriate Visualization Techniques. Final Year Project, University of Rostock, Computer Science Department, 1994.

Translated Abstract

The goal of the project were the design and the implementation of an interactive visualization support system, which supports the user in the selection of suitable visualization techniques in order to solve his visualization problem. For the specification of the visualization problem, a functional approach for multidimensional data developed by the Computer Graphics Group at Rostock University has been used and extended. A dependency manager is responsible for a consistent presentation of the data in multiple windows and the avoidance of unnecessary computations. The visualization support system is coupled online with the general-purpose visualization system IRIS-Explorer to support the direct launch of the visualization of the selected data using the proposed visualization technique.


Scientific visualization, Visualization support, User interface, Multivariate data, netCDF, tcl/tk, IRIS-Explorer, Automatic conflict resolution, Dependency management, Online coupling

Further information

Further information ia available in my thesis which is in German.