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Uwe Rauschenbach: Relevance-dependent Presentation of Notifications about User Activities in a Shared Workspace. Master Thesis ("Diplomarbeit"), University of Rostock, Computer Science Department, 1995.


A shared workspace allows multiple users to access objects contained in it. The system needs to display notifications about the activities of co-workers to each user if they are relevant for his/her work. After reviewing related work, this paper investigates opportunities for the relevance-controlled presentation of notifications about user activities in a shared workspace. A model fo notifications is designed and techniques with graded urgency for the presentation of these notifications are propaosed. Fianlly, a prototype implementing part of the model is presented.


CSCW, Groupware, User Interfaces, Multi User Systems, Awareness

Further information

A compact description of the concepts can be found in the paper "Supporting Awareness in Shared Workspaces Using Relevance-dependent Event Notifications" presented at CVE'96. For a broader discussion of the topic in German, please look at my "Diplomarbeit".